Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Being funny..

One day 4 year old Ivan was sick with fever. He was unable to eat anything. When I asked him what he feels like eating, he said he wanted oatmeal. I immediately made him some.

When I told him to up and eat, he asked me "mom, can I put my pillow on the dining table, lie down and eat?"

I refused and asked him to finish eating and take rest.

His reply "Mom, do you like funny things?"

I said "yes".

He said, " Only if someone does something funny only you can see funny things. So let me sleep and eat".


Saturday, November 14, 2015

Starfish belongs to the sea

We had gone for a short trip to Pondicherry chunnambar beach. After playing in the waves, we were on the shore making sand castle. For a change I told the kids to make a starfish. I drew an outline and told them to fill with sand. Just as we finished making, a huge wave came to the place where we were sitting. It washed away everything that we had made. My 3.5 year old son who was making the starfish with full interest was confused about where it disappeared. He said, " Mom, starfish should be in water. That's why the water took it away ".

Big boy

My son JOEL went for his first stage competition on 8th Nov 2015 when he was 3.5 years old. It was the singing competition in our church. After preparation, he was bold until he went to the stage. Once he was in front of the mic, he got frightened looking at the crowd. He started weeping and came back without singing.

The very next week, on children's day, there was a fancy dress competition in his school. This time we were very worried if he would have the same stage fear again. To our surprise, he was able to do well this time. He got a lunch box as a participation prize.

I asked him " Jojo , if you would have not cried on stage last week, you could have got another prize also na".

He immediately responded "Mom, that time I was a small boy. Now I have become a big boy"..