Friday, June 9, 2017


My son asked me "Mom, what do butterflies give us?"

I said "Nothing, They look so pretty. We just admire it."

His immediate response was "Oh mom, We get butter from butterflies. That's why it's named like that. "


My son who had just turned 5 was enjoying his lunch one afternoon. He loves the sweetened fennel seeds that are served as mouth freshners in Indian restaurants​. For lunch I had prepared a curry that had tempered fennel seeds. He saw the seeds and asked "Mom, why did you add mouth freshners to the curry?" We were puzzled at first but later understood what he was trying to say and had a good laugh.

Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Being funny..

One day 4 year old Ivan was sick with fever. He was unable to eat anything. When I asked him what he feels like eating, he said he wanted oatmeal. I immediately made him some.

When I told him to up and eat, he asked me "mom, can I put my pillow on the dining table, lie down and eat?"

I refused and asked him to finish eating and take rest.

His reply "Mom, do you like funny things?"

I said "yes".

He said, " Only if someone does something funny only you can see funny things. So let me sleep and eat".